Why audi gifted me this??- Dieselgate solution to European customers

Audi has just sent me this gift and, let’s
see what’s inside… if we can open this it’s a little bit tricky here okay yeah
there it is. So nice gloves from… Audi which are red and oh they are from the
Audi Sport clothing and well here it says I can use them also with the touch
screen or here with a mobile phone which is great. Let’s try them. I have to say
they look gorgeous and they feel pretty well well they feel like classy with this
leather but at the time they are functional and I like the way how they
look so I can wait to try them. Well you may be wondering why has Audi gifted me with red gloves. Well the fact is this car has been affected by the dieselgate and
not like in the United States -where Audi has offered to rebuy the car
to the owner – in Spain and in pretty pretty much all European countries thing
has gone completely different. The fact is that Audi has not offered me to
rebuy my car as I already expected but what they have done is a kind of a deal with me so you refuse to… so you refuse not to trial them for the dieselgate
emissions, for all the things, for all the stuff that has been going on, but what
they do is that they pay for your next inspection. In Spain you have to pass
every car. In Spain every car needs to be inspected. Depending on its age every
four or every two years or even older cars need to be inspected by law every
year and Audi has offered to pay me the next inspection. So they have offered to
pick up my car and go to the… go to pass inspection, pay for the inspection and
give it back to me which I considered that’s not bad at all.
And you have to take under consideration the price of an inspection from a diesel
engine in Spain is about 50 54 euros so well, I have to say I expected nothing
when all this thing exploded about the dieselgate so I have to say I am pretty
satisfied that VWG or Audi has allowed or has accepted to pay my next
inspection for the car, and has gifted me this gloves. I am sure these gloves are not
worth more than real price ten euros but I am sure that if you try to buy
them online at the Audi Store they might be for over 40 45 50 euros because you
know that stuff related with cars with original marketing is very very expensive . It is the way that these brands make a lot of
money so same happens with the suitcases, with the original extinguisher,
with everything that surrounds this premium…this premium vehicle. Is pretty
pretty expensive so I’ll take it… I’ll take it as a good gift.
Problem is now in Spain is not summer but almost we’re getting there and this gloves feel
like really hot so I will use them specially in winter. To drive the rest
of the year I use bicycle gloves that also work
really well for me And the good thing they have is that
they prevent your steering wheel from wearing (out) a lot, from getting dirty and I have to say they improve a lot the experience of… of driving a car so I
really recommend you to get some gloves or whatever when you’re driving your car.
For example, I use these. They are bicycle ones but they work perfectly for
me for the rest of the year. They are comfortable and you can find them on
Amazon on every…or at any shop specialized in cycling. So what do you think about the decision that Audi has offered to the dieselgate affected owners?? Let me know on the comments down below. Like these videos if you liked them, and subscribe for more videos like these if if you enjoyed. See you next video ! [Music]

Bernard Jenkins

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