Why E-Bike Conversion Kits are the perfect Electric Bike Solution

Hi, I’m kirby with Augustin ebikes and today We’re going to be doing a video about d by conversion kits so while is such a great solution to control your electric bike Ride the way that you want to ride you can customize them they give you the power that you want um? They’re cheaper than buying a full-blown brand new bike and we’re not comparing them under the other and saying one is worse than the other but They bring so much value for the dollar and they last for a long time. They’re easy to work on Before I do that. I want to read some comments from some of our viewers about their comments on ebuy conversion kits I’m an older American 65 years young. I’m a grandma Converted my bike and dumped my three thousand pound gas hog. I live in Sonoran desert and ride daily for fun or for errands one cool thing is no more car repairs or maintenance on the bike mechanic and maintenance is Easy Ii By conversion kits. Oh yeah second comment conversion kits save money or save so much money I Ride one because I’m sixty with angry hips and knees. I thank the technology for enabling me to stay in the saddle It’s hard to give up something. You’ve loved for 55 years This is what I’ve built for myself 48 volt thousand watt kit with an old Cruiser style frame It goes fast too does 42 miles an hour and it’s the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had So these are just some of the comments we get all the time for people from around the world. It’s great. It helps inform us Leaks off of these people on a regular basis, so I hope you’re going to watch this video I hope you enjoy it if you do please subscribe below Thanks so much. This is a video about the choices between manufacturer D bikes and bike kits to address your biking needs Even though electric bikes are in great use throughout Europe and Asia Here in the us the adaption 8 E bikes has been a bit slower However because of increased demand over the last seven years today many bike Manufacturers or any new bike market the range of models available and now even beginning to see local bike shops carrying lines of B bikes? But also with individuals having greater and greater access to parts directly from the manufacturer We seem to do it yourselfers push the limits of what’s possible with electric powered bikes There are three types of motors front hub mid drive and rear hub in Europe the most common is the front 250 Watt motor do the speed limit restrictions today e bike batteries can range from 12 volts to 72 volts and Beyond within these broad ranges is a combination and though We work absolutely best for you before control of a solution is best for you You have to determine what your cycling needs are and interest and then find the best fit for you Are you a casual biker biking several times a month? Are you an enthusiast biker on a regular basis? Are you interested in commuting or off-roading? What’s the terrain that you need to fight to deal with these are really important flat? Mountains Damp dry How far do you need to bike to go? Do you want to bike to be a scooter with no pedaling and just use the throttle? Are you interested in riding? It like a bike? All these questions to be answered before you make a decision about choosing an E-bike solution Once you’ve answered these questions. You can comfortably look at the many options available for your particular needs So let’s first look at advice from manufacturers Thanks to the wide adaption of E bikes in Europe and Asia bike Manufacturers have benefited from a learning curve and are making Incredible strides in introducing cutting-edge bikes to the us market Manufacturers such as farraday specialized trek Raleigh Bosch Izip pedigo and many others are helping introduce the benefits of advice for the us market with some amazing amazing bikes There are four basic components to make an E-bike in ebike First it’s the bike then there’s the motor the battery and the controller or computer that makes all the parts work together Manufacturers are coming up with ways in which to integrate those components into the bike and the frame Particularly the frame to create more of a plug-and-Play solution for users will that come some trade-offs the average manufacturer is creating bikes with motors of range typically from 250 watts to a maximum of 750 Watts and batteries that usually max out but not always but about 36 volts Typically this is more than enough power than more than enough range for the average user With this Turnkey approach also comes a higher price tag It isn’t until you get into the ebike kits, and the do-it-yourself kits. Do you have access to much greater power and much longer ranges? in the last 10 years have been a group of manufacturers that concentrated on the bike tip market and through their advances have made it possible for people to convert a regular bike into an E-bike in a matter of hours and usually at a reasonable price unless you’re looking at the kit market you begin to see motors ranging from around a thousand watts to ten thousand watts and Beyond and Batteries ranging from 48 volts to 70 to someone companies legally bike to the kit charge our bionics Dillinger Curie you go Golden motor out of Canada and a whole lot more When buying kit you have more control over the specific riding demands that you want met these opportunities to mix power range? Comfort styles all to your liking Whichever choice you make choose the right fit for what you want out of a bike key bikes are a great contribution to our contemporary Transportation toolkit, and it can work for you you

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