Why You Look Ugly in Photos – And 6 Ways to Fix it | Sorelle Amore

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Working as a retouch-artist in the advert and media business has opened my eyes so so much!
    I've been doing it for almost a year now and I still feel a certain anger when getting the retouch instructions for pictures of models. Somehow the ones for the ladies end up being way more harsh than for men and that's feckin mad!

  2. I just puttes "Instagram hacks for ugly and poor people" And this video was the first I saw, I don't regret it, my new english fav YouTuber 💗

    Pd: I'm latina

  3. Now binging all your posing videos because im trying to up my IG game for my business growth and I feel like a thumb in pictures..

  4. I can’t take a good selfie for shit lol but other ppl take good pics of me

  5. Hey sorrelle, I really love your videos, it will be great if you can translate them to Spanish (put subtitles) because I sure a lot of people that talk Spanish will be interested!! Thanks for all!

  6. Hiya Sorelle !
    Thank you so much for your message …! I have discovered your Channel 2 days ago and after 4 years fighting to regain some kind of self esteem due to several surgeries that have changed my perception of my body image I must admit I was losing a lot of confidence …. thank you ✨🎈✨🎈 for being so natural and at ease with your body 😋
    Take care and be blessed

  7. No its because my eyes are afraid of my nose and my hairline is afraid of my eyebrows

  8. Loving watching you. so real, natural, beautiful and funny. Thanks for the tips. I hope they work for me.

  9. my right angle looks HIDEOUS😭😭😭😭…..HELP ME!!!! I just wanna see my right angle be beautiful T^T

  10. Hi Sorelle! I'm from the Philippines. And I just wanna let you know that I can't stop watching your videos. Very great content I'm addicted.

  11. sometimes i just wanna make a screenshot with my mirror, cause when i look in the mirror and thinking: damn girl! you look good today! let's hold that state in a selfie for the next generatio…..hell no, i look like crap on the phone!! xD

  12. Love your energy!
    Comparison is definitely the thief of joy. But I like these tricks to level-ish the playing field.

  13. you have an incredbly huge mouth. this may have made your life easier since you may not have needed wisdom tooth removal surgery

  14. "it s time to resume conquering and improving the world" ! wow yes! what a line! thank you Sorelle!

  15. You are the Jenna Marbles of the Photographers! I love your humor – and your knowledge 🙂

  16. ❤️💋Thanks for the great tips, love your personality, very refreshing 🌸

  17. I need to watch her every morning to get a daily self esteem boost ❤️

  18. This video is from a year ago, but well ill ask anyways :'( can you make a video talking about what clothes make you look better? im kinda a column too, and i have never been able to find whats the best for me

  19. I DONT UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY İS PERFECT!!!!! İnclude your Butt and boobs. Why You dont like!???!!

  20. it's very hard not to like you…and to watch one of your videos and not subscribe…so, I subscribed!

  21. I love how silly and care-free you are. Continue spreading your positivity!!!!

  22. It might sound creepy af, but I watch your videos before going to sleep, cause you have that natural talent for spreading happiness somehow. Like I'm smiling throughout the whole video, you're so funny and cute and loveable and well, duh, interesting, those videos give my perfectionist ass life. Thank you for all of the good vibes you're sharing.

  23. it‘s just shitty with body dysmorphia because i just see different flaws everyday. i might feel okay about my skin right now, but even 5 minutes later it can look totally different to me again.

  24. I stood in front of the mirror yelling "I am a sexy mama" for about 10 minutes until my gf came in and asked me what i was doing.
    I still have no idea of what i look good in…

  25. Her: “I’m a turtle 🐢”
    Me: pauses the video… SUBSCRIBE, goes back to the video.

  26. Where have you been all my life as a person who is a serial DIYer and turning 35 in two months I took it upon my self to do my own birthday photo shoot and that’s how I landed here. I will be watching all your videos for tips. I need these pics to be lit!


  28. Okay, so, I look beautiful (in my opinion) when I take selfies, or in the mirror. But when friends take pictures or videos of me, I look like a fat a××. I will try to follow these steps, thank you. ❤❤😇

  29. Bless you for this🌈Im a beginner and you straightened out my messy notes🌈Off to research!😘

  30. But The SAd truth ..u have a nice ig photo but when PEople that recognize you in person, and they realize Oh , she is not beautyful

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