Will pay $5000 to fix this – LWIAY #0077

Video: Last week I asked you (Pewds: What’s up?) And welcome to (Video: LWAIY intro) LWIAAAAY (Video: Playing LWIAY intro) *LWAIY intro continues* We FINALLY fixed the video quality (yay) But it came with a price *sad music* coLoR cOrReCtiOn This video is dedicated to my editors, my Brads, cuz OHHHH BOY it’s roasting time Finally! Finally, I’m not the butt of the joke! Hey Brad 1 & 2, huh? You’re trying to make him look bad, huh? Is that what you try to do Brad?? *brad2 savagery* I spend so much time, and effort, and money Resources, skill, knowledge to find the right camera and I do it. And they don’t even color correct it?? Is this so hard, tO LEARN COLOR CORRECTION? *rage* I think the thing about this whole color correction thing is It used to be a joke that I had really bad quality on my videos, but now that I finally got better quality, I think people, maybe took it a bit far, people are actually unironically really pissed off They’re trying to make him look like Neo
during the scene where he is still in the matrix *laugh* The last meme review was probably the most poorly edited video on Felix’s channel! He was laughing at one, meanwhile a different one *laughing* was on screen! *clap clap* *swedish laughter* Ahhh yes! It’s editor roasting time! No more “Thank You PewDiePie,” Frick you Brad How dare you edit my videos every single day? Yeah. I don’t know how that happened But last LWAIY I was basically reacting to videos – (video: this person try to unlock) Oh cool. Cool. Good edit BRAD, huh? I’m not even reacting to this meme, you dumb, you dumbest schmuck Everyone’s like, “Oh Felix is dumb.” Oh, oh really? Why am I roasting my employees like this? I’m just trying to deflect, okay? We were so focused on T series that we didn’t actually realize Pew News has been missing for months. It’s almost like I wanted to avoid just a little bit of controversy just for a few weeks. How about that? That’s right, everyone. TWO WEEKS of pewdiepie, no controversy! Mm-hmm. That’s a new record! If Minecraft world is infinite, how does the sun get around it? It did Elon really tweet this? (who knows) Goddamn, this is how you know he’s so smart This is how you know he’s thinking about rockets and s*** cuz he knows minec- *chuckles* that makes no sense What infinite plus one? (huh) *Reads meme* Now what the frick? It’s no longer roasting Brad time, it’s roasting whoever uploaded this garbage meme time. It’s supposed to be Ricardo, you dummy dumb bums (ok) Sonic or Sully? Oh my god The new Sonic looks aMaZiNg, wow! The Pixar team animation has reached out and they’ve helped out paramount, incredible job I want to do a Photoshop where I just Photoshop different versions of Sonic, I think that could be funny. My second attempt to feat- oh my god. I don’t believe this! I reacted to this last LWAIY! *epic nae nae* And I remember it! This confirms that Brad is trying to purposely SABOTAGE this channel. First, we thought it was a joke that the quality was bad They’ve been clearly doing it on purpose They’ve been editing wrong memes, maybe purposely not color correcting. What is this? I love this fan art! It’s super cool. Look they even drew Brad, come on. And look they even drew Sive in there! *laughs* Ahaha look at that that’s awesome! This is so sad! I could not meet PewDiePie, but I found a suitable replacement I’m Poppy Gloria. What a lot of people don’t know is that any time I’m on an interview and do anything I just sent up Poppy Gloria because we look so similar (conspiracy) It’s so strange that she looks exactly like me! *reads meme* “You took everything from me.” Who’s this girl? The most uninteresting character I’ve ever seen. “I don’t even know who-” THAT’S ME I’m on Thanos side! *laughs* Did he say that? I drew Marzia. Oh, I bet Brad’s gonna edit this one out. Edit this one out Brad uhh, it’s Marzia, I don’t care. (rude) *reading meme* sOnIc?? wOw it looks JUST LIKE her! I’m glad so many people finally appreciate my artistic skills Because goddamn is that a beautiful sonic. I think even Lushsux- He drew it right? Where is it? THERE IT IS! *lil skratta* 10 out of 10 *clap clap* Beautiful! See how I captured the teeth? if paramount picture comes up with this Sonic, you know I’ll be copy striking. You need 3000 IQ to understand this. Good thing I have three thousand and one. I am rope. I am KNOT (oh no here we go again) I am KNOT, SUP… I am not sup POST 2 give- *laughs* I aM NOT SUPPOSED TO GIVE MY OPINION, B U T- (good job pewds) *skrattas* 3000 IQ. Thank you very much. Please stop making these alright My brain is gonna explode at some point. *reads text on screen* Damn, sad but also commendable I’m not good at color correction, but I had to do this Better than their original. Look at that, damn! Could I have that quality? Is that actually possible? Wow, this is the raw footage, this is how it looks like. I give them the raw footage and They make it look so bad. Like my footage is so good Okay moving on, next meme. *reads meme* Alright, time to stop the tall meme, okay? I had enough! “What’s up, regular size man?” *laugh* *reads meme* Take it from me. I’m so disappointed I didn’t have the A.S.S. outro in that video. Missed opportunity of perfect advertising Oh, yeah, Brad adds the outro! Good job, BRAD! A story that we waited long for. “I broke my ass” *laughs* *inHaLe* Yes, I should have used that as a thumbnail – oh jeez, thanks BRAD! *reads meme* *gaaAsp* Now this is it! Next week, LWAIY will be live-streamed on de live Okay No longer will our memes be unedited! No longer with our color correction being not great! This is the time we fight back. Thank you Brad for editing in this video the same day I send it to you, by the way, because I forgot to send the video to you. *guilty chuckle* *reads meme* Wow, what a great guy that must be, and I’m sure he’s also very tall. I drew Pewdiepie and Marzia. I stayed up all night to do this, I hope you like it. I LOVE IT. You captured my hair and everything Ten out of ten baby. Twenty nine thousand people agree Now some people would say this is ugly but art is subjective and you’re wrong dumbass Paramount’s new render of Sonic looks dope af Absolutely, 10 out of 10. The fact that I wasn’t asked to be in the film in this costume really disappoints me Oh, yeah, we did an a- we did an ad for our key driving Oh god the cringe I think I got second or something Heh, I’m such a tryhard It’s like, oh god we have to do this really awkward promo. What should I do to make it more interesting? I’ll dress up as Sonic! What a great idea! Should we write “Thank You Pewdiepie” on the next SpaceX launch? Wow Stop it. Come on. You don’t have to do that. It’s whatever. DO IT. We’ve found boyinaband! ahahah You should make the hair a little longer and more sad and depressing Characters before and after pewdiepie video. Oh my god, I drew the dolphin so well. I can’t get over how I messed up handsome Squidward’s face. Ah that’s disgusting, what is that thing? I made a custom Pewdiepie 100 million subscriber award, just waiting to engrave the date on it. Should I send it to pewds? That’s amazing. Thank you so much. Will YouTube recognize that I exist? Wait for a hundred million and we’ll find out Sad Pewdiepie noises. Ass doctor. We’ll fix your panes! Too late, 15 years too late- is that an actual quote from the film? If so, 10 out of 10 meme. Ass doctor, where were you when I needed you, ass doctor? Doesn’t use legs, is cool- Oh, you think I’m cool? Oh, thank you. Hovers to raise height Fought a war, bullies people about height How could we have been- I don’t know who this guy is, but I like him. Okay, I like him a lot. Oh my gOd. *a i r s u c c* I can’t BELIEVE IT! Paramount, shame on you. Pewdiepie probably won’t understand-godammit. Okay. Alright (oh no, here we go pt.2) pew rip Pew die, pie. Pewdiepie. Will all wave? all wave bee- always be *intense 3000 IQ concentration* Numbers, number one sUB- ARE- Number one IN OUR heart, AWWWWW THAT’S SO SWEEEEEET Thank you- Thank you, 9 year olds, for another epic episode of LWAIY. Now more mediocre content will come, so please do subscribe Let’s get to a hundred million, and let’s fricking do this broskis. Brofist? It will be for God, until a hundred. See you guys then BYEEEEEE (you good m8) What, you never played Tuber Simulator?? (yea come on man) pphSSSST You know, it’s fun, right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not Not convinced yet? Okay, I’ll cut you a deal! The game is available for FREE, and that’s a great price! (heck yea) *Tuber Simulator music*

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