Windshield Repair: 12 Step Guide for a Professional Windshield Repair

The 12 step windshield repair outline. After 10 years of experience in the service industry, We have the 12 steps we train you on. Ask the customer, have they ever had a chip repaired before? It’s important to qualify their expectation
of the service and also gives you an opportunity to educate the customer through the repair
process. Inspect and qualify the break to determine what type of chip it is and to be
able to set the correct expectations for the customer about how much of a visible scar
will be remaining. Taking your Dremel drill, always drill on low, drilling two-thirds of the way
through the first layer of glass and stopping just short of going all the way through the
first layer. Set the injector body and bridge assembly over the drill hole dialling the
injector down until it touches the glass. Turning it another half turn to three-quarters
of a turn. Add one full syringe of resin to the injector barrel or 4-5 drops from your
bottle. The action step, this is the most important part, the injector barrel and pin
work together on fluid pressure. It’s not until you drop the pin down is the first time that
it creates pressure and you’re able to remove air from the damaged area. Dropping the pin
down, press it slightly with your thumb from the top, and then pull an immediate vacuum
cycle. That’s the first vacuum step in the repair process. After 30 seconds put the pin
back into pressure for 3-5 minutes. After 3-5 minutes, pull the pin up into a vacuum
again and this is when you would apply heat with your butane torch as a troubleshooting
technique to help remove all the air. After 30 seconds drop the pin down again, remembering
to always turn clockwise so the pin doesn’t become unthreaded for another 3-5 minutes.
If you removed all the trapped air, air is what looks black or shiny, now it’s time to
cure under pressure. Leaving the pin in the down or pressure position, begin to place
your UV lamp or allow natural UV light to cure around the outside diameter of the white
end seal. This prevents resin from receding back, once you remove the bridge from the
windshield. After approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute of that, remove the bridge and be ready
to tab it, dab it, and cure it with your blue capped pit resin and your curing tab. Scrape
and polish. You’ve just done a great repair.

Bernard Jenkins

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