Your GoPro Footage Sucks? // LET’S FIX IT

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Thank you!
    Recently I have gotten much more into filming my riding and other stuff.
    This will help me allot, thanks. Maybe gonna start a small channel.
    I have a ancient Hero3 but I will try.

  2. Just went for a walk in a conservation area, footage looks shite, thanks for the help.

  3. Him: Gimbles aren't too expensive, they're ONLY 250 DOLLARS!!!
    Me: umm……part time working teenager that can barely make 150 dollars a week…..that be very very expensive

  4. Tip if your an equestrian: don’t put it on your chest 😂 your about to get a whole lot of horse neck

  5. I have a gopro session hero4 and i rather use the color over the flat becouse the flat makes my footage so numb and no color at all.

  6. WOW I have a Go Pro 4 and I wanted to buy a Go Pro 7 because I wanted some rad MTB shots – but after watching this video and playing with the settings, I realize that a better camera doesn't mean I'll have better footage – it's about knowing how to use it! Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for taking the time for making this vid. Just a note from a motorcyclist – you can’t mount gopro on your chest because you won’t see anything but the front of the motorycle. So helmet is the only choice. Also, are you not a bit concern about having this metal thing jammed straight into your chest if you fall? But I like the concept of distance to speed you mentioned, I wouldn’t think of that, so thanks. Also, the tiny gimbal is a great idea, cause I could possible mount it on the bike instead my head rising the safety a bit and lowering the wind intensity on my head 🙂

  8. How are you able to change the settings on your hero4 from your phone?

  9. I'm new to using my gopro 7 to it's best ability and am having issues playing and editing my footage any suggestions for a computer or software. Thanks in advance.

  10. And so now by the end of this video you've probably had to spend $1000…

  11. Super informative! Thank you so much. I shoot with a hero session and love it. The season doesn’t allow for an external microphone but other than that it’s awesome.

  12. Thanks for the best tips, when I watch first 20 seconds I subscribe to your channel awesome man

  13. Thanks, cant wait to try this this weekend. I do have a hero 6 but i dont use the sound anyway.

  14. Would surely do chest mount….I wish u could tell me how to make best blogs…I wanna become the biggest motorcycle blogger

  15. This goes for someone who knows what they are doing. Last time i touched those setting i got almost white image that i couldnt use at all…..i go AUTO and i can correct it after the same

  16. I got the GoPro 4 too, but i found a Shutter setting also. What Shutter Speed do you recommend with your settings?

  17. Omg thank you so much, while snowboarding the contrast is way too high and i never knew how to change that but now i do and it looks 1000% better

  18. just wondering what app you were using to make those changes in the settings ?

  19. Hey which exact model of Zhiyun do you have and how is it fixed on the GoPro Chesty?

  20. So 9 minutes in. the green set your way. Now your arms were looking green. So what is the correction made there?

  21. hi,
    very interesting, held my attention. Will this GO perform ariel shots? Please advise. Thanks

  22. hello what's the song called in the 0:08 segment?? been looking that for years.. thanks

  23. What is the most stable mounting position without using a gimble? I would think it would be helmet but I guess the helmet might shake a little on your head, so would that mean the chest mount is more stable.

  24. So basically if you've bought a GoPro hero 7 silver or white you're screwed? 🙁

  25. I have a GoPro hero session and I’m having trouble getting a good angle for my chesty while riding most of the time it’s at the ground

  26. Now you inspire me to get an action camera eh! So, now you have to help me to choose a camera. I was thinking about the hero 7. I live in Alberta Canada, any recommendations of places where to take some footages? TIA!

  27. Thank you for the post. I’m about to purchase two Hero7 Black. I plan to begin Bass fishing full time next spring. What settings would you suggest for such an application? Thank you for your time.

  28. Get something like Zoom F1 for the audio and use syncing function of your editor. If you got cash, get something like PluralEyes (-40% discount couple times a year).

  29. Can you let me know how much the Gimbal mount part is and the brand . The one for the chest peice thanks

  30. Him: stabilisator is not expensive, only $250
    Me: Ok i just sold my GoPro to get one of these

  31. At 12:31 that mustache still had the sticky side intact? If yes than it is kinda equal with having duct tape over the mic instead of fluffy textile-like material.

  32. I have the same camera and followed your setup (which works great) except my camera has one more setting that yours doesn't seem to have – Shutter speed. I know you said, "don't use auto anything" which I totally agree with but I set shutter speed to "auto" which of course gave me exposure changes depending on if I was looking up or down, in the shade, etc. What shutter speed do you think is ideal for mtb? I figure I would compensate my exposure by picking an appropriate iso for the day. Thanks.

  33. How about the freezing issue? And if it gets hit by rain is it waterproof enough without case??

  34. New to this. Camera came with no instructions or an sd card. Suggested sd card, shooting falconry. Any help?

  35. Really great information, both videos. I’d love to see a vid of you putting a 5 minute YouTube video together on davinci resolve from start to finish. Teach me.

  36. @9:50 , dont be ashamed that you are using the metric system. 94.7% of the population uses it.

  37. thanks for the informative video, would you do anything differently with settings on a hero 7 black?

  38. Much appreciated man! I'm going to try out these setting on a chin mounted hero 7 when I go to Whistler next week! Any different settings you do on the hero 7?

  39. Sigh, all my footage is grainy,jittery,just bad
    Tried full auto and every setting and combo
    I dont get it

  40. I'm not really into bikes, but totally into photo/video, that was probably the best advice I've gotten so far in regards to never letting your camera choose for you, my video quality has upped 2-4x in quality since I started learning what the settings should be for certain situations.

    Thanks for the Info video was A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  41. I own a budget action camera, and I can’t wait to get a GoPro. The advice in your video is still super helpful. Thanks!

  42. You say in the video that you are using a Zhiyun wearable (Probably the Zhiyun Rider-M) but you link above takes us to B&H Video and an EVO Gimbals SS . What made you change? Also: how noisy are the EVO gimbal motors?

    Great vidieo …


  43. Hi Ryan,
    Can i use this https://www.amazon.com/Victure-AC700-Waterproof-Underwater-Camcorder/dp/B07SY7XTK9/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3OY0VRADVN8RH&keywords=victure+ac700&qid=1568579592&s=gateway&sprefix=victure+ac%2Caps%2C484&sr=8-1,
    for my podcast,because i will make it also in the nature?

  44. Remember to remove the glue on the back of the tash. Other wise you smother the mic port

  45. This video was extremely helpful. I'm saving it and when I buy my gopro I will be using your instructions. Thank you so much because my phone sucks for our videos. We have major plans to film all the national forests in the US…this helps tremendously. Thank you.

  46. I like how your saying never let your camera choose setting for you but then you have your camera set to auto focus. Ill try these settings out on my Hero4 Silver, but can only go up to 2.7k. Thanks for the video!

  47. Very helpful for just starting up and couldn’t appreciate enough how in depth you got! Thank man my videos will thank you later!

  48. Nice video! I just got my gopro hero 6 used for like 4 hours ago for around RM500=$125 hehe very cheap. The condition looks new tho. I think the guy used it like the crash part haha

  49. Can anyone help me? My quality is really good then when I upload it to youtube its trash… any help??

  50. Terrible waste of time. You simply showed the settings YOU like so that you can WORK on the video later and make it how you want it. So this video is You talking to You.

  51. Thank you for these two videos. I have followed your advices and made two videos: original @ https://youtu.be/bTIe2OOX9i8 and improved version is linked in the original video. I have also mentioned your channel and videos in the original videos. Once again, thanks for the tips. I am a XC rider myself but your Enduro videos are really interesting and beautiful. Kind regards,

  52. look at my dirtbike videos, i just picked up a gopro hero 7 silver? only black has protune…so im just f******? take it back?

  53. Thanks for the great video tutorial as well as for the the 2nd part about footage editing with Da Vinci Resolve.

    I just started filming my MTB rides and was always disappointed about the poor results in terms of quality. This is now a thing of the past 🙂

    I'm using a GoPro Hero 4 silver. Unfortunately it doesn't offer the 4k SuperView, "only" 4k. But 1080 SuperView. So, would you recommend to use the 4k (12,5 frames per second) anyway, or to go for 1080 SuperView (24 frames per second)?

    Thanks and best regards from Germany

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