Zippo lighter restoration – Vietnam War repair

Zippo lighter restoration and repair video This lighter is most likely from the Vietnam War Vietnam – Long Binh 67-68 All the Zippo lighter parts after disassembling I got some new Zippo spare parts for this restoration Let’s assemble this lighter The Zippo lighter before restoration

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Somebody probably already said this but it could be a fake. The exterior looked legitimate and that's the important part but the inside looked much much newer. I'm surprised it even had wick still.

  2. Ý nghĩa của những dòng chữ việt trên bật lửa là gì ạ

  3. I have a knife left by my grandfather. he took American soldiers during the Vietnam War. it was manufactured in 1960. it has now broken parts

  4. I am a Vietnamese citizen, I am in peace because my country has a national heroic history, I have watched all this video of you, this lighter is precious to the history of our country, under Meticulous hands and art thank you for making it even more valuable. Thanks again.

  5. As a Vietnamese I am quite interested in your videos and stories, I have found some information about the lighters, I cannot find the English version. Link http://www.nguyenkhapnoi.com/2019/05/27/hop-quet-zippo-ky-vat-cua-chien-tranh/

  6. I hope u can make a correction, that's lighter not from vietnam but it's from indonesia(garuda)..

  7. Trong chiến tranh Việt Nam. Long Bình-Việt Năm là địa danh nơi đặt Tổng kho vũ khí đạn dược, như yếu phẩm của quân đội Mỹ thời kỳ đó (nó được gọi là Tổng kho Long Bình). Với diện tích 24 km vuông, nó là một kho khổng lồ cung cấp vật chất cho chiến tranh Việt Nam. Chiếc bật lửa này có thể xuất phát từ một người lính Mỹ đã từng chiến đấu tại địa danh này. Địa danh này ngày nay thuộc địa phận Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh Việt Nam (xưa là Thành phố Sài Gòn)

  8. Very nice and meaningful to me my dad was in Vietnam an passed away last year I have hear lots of stories about the war an what they want through…..

  9. Amazing so beautiful good job my brother I like it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Nice video.
    Nice job.

    But I noticed something, with the Zippo lighter, I push a new wick through from below.

    Too bad that the eagle was not polished too.

  11. We’re did u get it from if u don’t mind me asking? Beautiful restore btw. M

  12. It has that petty officer third class crow on it . We used to sell those lighters in the ship store onboard the USS MIDWAY CV-41when it was still homeported in Ýokosuka Japan .

  13. Idiit . All he had to do was soak the who lighter in coke or lemon juice . No grinding or sanding needed .

  14. Fake zippo; the insert has a bar which wasnt present on the 1960s zippos. @0.51

  15. Disculpa, pero quisiera ver también el proceso mediante el cual se limpia el interior del hueco donde va el resorte que empuja la piedra. Y otra cosa, la limpieza del óxido del águila no me quedó claro, me parece que hay un paso que saltaste. Gracias de antemano por la respuesta.

  16. Bro just seeing how much time and effort you put into this kind of thing is mind blowing. Plus the work is just incredible, you have a real talent my friend keep it up!👍

  17. Does zippo lighters not have a unique coding system on the bottom of each lighter, which enable dating of the lighter?

  18. After seeing this videos, tomorrow morning I gotta find my old Zippo in my stores…already forgot where did I put it,lol!!i bought my 1st Zippo when I'm in early [email protected] I'm 41….hehe

  19. Честно сказать халтура, а не реставрация. Орёл ржавый, но особенно убили гвозди.

  20. I love this restoration but, in fact, I would like the Eagle to be also cleaned and polished

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